• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

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I Wish I Was A Technology Digital

Too many San Antonio seniors being left behind in ‘digital divide’

Nathan Hill’s extraordinary new novel Wellness is many things: a satire of the self-care movement and dubious behavioral sciences research; a send-up of gentrification and helicopter parenting; and a trenchant exploration of how childhood trauma can repeat itself in adult relationships, specifically in the beleaguered marriage of Jack and Elizabeth Baker, the book’s central characters.

But one of my favorite parts details how Jack’s elderly father, Lawrence, first struggles with social media (his misunderstanding of the basics of Facebook and email is hilarious) but then gets slowly sucked into the world of escalating algorithms and internet conspiracy theories, fevered right-wing lies he insists on relentlessly sharing online with his lefty artist son, adding a whole new layer of hurt.

The novel nails it when it comes to the struggle of senior citizens and their access to and facility with digital literacy, a problem that has wider implications than simply strained family relationships, although that element is certainly painful enough.


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