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The DC DAO, the next step of Digital Civilisation

NEW YORK, May 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The present civilisation we live in developed over thousands of years and is far from perfect. The rapid development of technology that is driving change at the moment does not give us time to reflect and is too vulnerable to technology companies and governments driving it to suit their own ends such as making money or suppressing dissident opinion. Digital civilisation must respect the values of traditional civilisation and must look like evolution rather than revolution to those whose lives it affects. Ethics and agreed ethical standards must govern it.”

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The ideas of Digital Civilisation collected and led by Prof. Bill Roscoe have recently been published on the University College Oxford Blockchain Research Centre website: blockchain.univ.ox.ac.uk.

The original Digital Civilisation Manifesto states its principles as follow:

1.  Digital Civilisation is technology in the service of humanity.

2.  It is implemented on an enormous collection of organised data, contracts, transactions and assertions, to which any participant can contribute. The evolution is governed by rules.

3.  Rules are public, clear and ethical. The rights of organisations and nations to draw up and modify rules are themselves public, clear and ethical. Thus rules are themselves subject to rules, such as not contradicting basic rights.

4.  Adherence to rules should be easy to verify:

5.  Transactions are permitted if and only if they satisfy all rules that apply to them, which may vary with the jurisdictions of the parties and items involved.

6.  Data and its provenance are readily verified. Our aspiration is that all organisations collecting and dealing in data adhere to the principles of digital civilisation.

7.  Personal data other than basic identity is private, and the owner can control and monitor its use: we believe in the principles of GDPR and truly informed consent.

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The vision of Digital Civilisation is of a world operating on a technological infrastructure which is itself reliable and trustworthy, and which helps to overcome malicious behaviours and subversions which may be present among the people and states using it. Such vision requires international cooperation and collective intelligence of experts, and thus the Digital Civilisation team is welcoming more people to join the community by means of The Digital Civilisation Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (The DC DAO). The DC DAO promotes verifiable transparency and trust technologies that can bridge the gaps of trust in technology.

Civilisation is too important for us to allow Big Tech companies to design it for their own benefit. They have a huge role to play but should not be allowed to design its rules or to gather huge amounts of data on us without a much greater degree of informed consent than we see at present. “

Civilisation is thus a combination of stable government, the tools and components that enable society and the people in it to function, plus the people and organisations that exist in it. “

The big vision for the future of the Internet is to have a decentralised infrastructure in which open protocols operate by set rules. This vision is inspired by the problems caused by current technology, which is failing to protect personal data and intellectual property, and using the resouces of its users to generate profits for a small group of giant tech companies. We need to change the direction in which the internet, and its interface with its hugely diverse users, is evolving.

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