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EdenFarm Collaborates with INDICO to Enhance Digitalization in Agricultural Technology – Inforial

Inforial (The Jakarta Post)

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Fri, March 17, 2023


After a successful pre-series B round of funding led by Telkomsel Mitra Inovasi (TMI), business-to-business (B2B) food service start-up EdenFarm has entered into a collaboration with INDICO, a subsidiary of Telkomsel that focuses on developing Indonesia’s digital ecosystem, to accelerate the digital transformation of agricultural technology (agritech).

The EdenFarm-INDICO collaboration was officially launched by signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on March 16 at the Eden Collection Facility (ECF) in Brebes, Central Java.

The signatories were EdenFarm founder and CEO David Setyadi Gunawan and INDICO CEO Andi Kristianto, with TMI CEO Mia Melinda, Head of Eden Supply Network Oki Harmawan and Head of Eden Technology, James, as witnesses at the signing ceremony.

Under the terms of the MoU on Cooperation in the Development of Agricultural Digital Ecosystems, EdenFarm and INDICO will cooperate in implementing digital platforms for managing and monitoring agricultural activities, increasing the productivity of EdenFarm’s farmer partners and supporting the development of a digital ecosystem for Indonesia’s agriculture industry.

“We are very enthusiastic about TMI’s participation, as one of our investors in the last pre-series B round was able to not only provide funding but also offer various collaborations for the progress of EdenFarm’s business,” said David Setyadi Gunawan, the founder and CEO of EdenFarm.

“One of these collaborations is now being realized by exploring a partnership with INDICO to implement agricultural digitalization to support the productivity of EdenFarm’s farmer partners and ensure consistent supply for our business partners,” he added.

With a mission to prioritize developing its farmer partners, EdenFarm continuously strives to boost farmers’ growth through consistently delivering excellent services, offering solutions through technology and supporting operational efficiency. To fulfill its missions, EdenFarm has established partnerships with several parties for specific purposes, such as technological research, farmer financing and digital payment services.

“The collaboration with EdenFarm is part of our efforts to develop a digital ecosystem in the agriculture sector. By utilizing Telkomsel’s assets, we are optimistic that we can make a significant contribution that will improve the welfare of farmers while strengthening national food security,” INDICO CEO Andi Kristianto said during the MoU signing ceremony.

Prior to its agritech collaboration with EdenFarm, INDICO entered into a collaboration on digital farming contracts with Gabungan Kelompok Tani (Gapoktan), the Association of Farmers Groups.

In the pilot project with Gapoktan, INDICO will implement agricultural digitalization at rice farms spanning a total of 40 hectares in Selogiri district of Wonogiri, Central Java, so local farmers can adopt modern agricultural methods that utilize Telkomsel’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology and digital agriculture ecosystem.


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