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Clinch adds digital audio to dynamic creative campaigns

Advertisers using creative optimization for video ads now can include ads for audio channels in these omnichannel campaigns. Today, ad-serving company Clinch announced it added audio channels to its Flight Control creative delivery platform.

Previously, the platform supported video ads on video channels (CTV, video ads on websites) and now it also supports audio ads going to audio destinations like podcasts, streaming audio, etc., and to customize the creative using generative AI.

Why we care. Digital audio continues to grow as an ad channel — it’s expected to exceed $11 billion in U.S. spend this year, according to Statista. Including audio creative in an omnichannel delivery platform makes it easier for advertisers and agencies to capitalize on the channel with a more efficient workflow that can handle dynamic ads.

Early adopters of dynamic ads (see below) aim to use dynamic creative to become more relevant to segmented audiences than if those segments all heard the same uniform ad.

Serving to audio. Clinch’s platform is certified for serving direct and programmatic campaigns to omnichannel adtech platforms and publishers, including:

  • The Trade Desk
  • DV360
  • Yahoo
  • Xandr
  • Adswizz
  • Videoamp
  • iHeartMedia

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Creative assets. Advertisers and agencies using Flight Control have two options for the creative used in audio ads. They can produce audio assets for each variation in the ad campaign, or they can use generative AI production.

An audio player integrated with Flight Control allows users to preview audio campaign assets.

GenAI audio production. “We have a strategic partnership in place with a company that specializes in genAI voice production,” Clinch CEO Oz Etzioni told MarTech. “Advertisers can choose from their library of royalty-free voices to generate audio asset variations for use in Flight Control, or they can utilize their own brand’s voice for cloning if they have proper licensing to such rights.”

Right segment, right time. Flight Control offers diverse creative conditioning options for omnichannel campaigns. These options allow advertisers to align creative with audiences by segment, location, sports and other events, as well as local weather. These capabilities now extend to audio within the same omnichannel platform.

“Multiple layers of creative personalization can be applied to a campaign, and dictate the elements of the creative served,” Etzioni said. “This applies to all channels, as Clinch is a true omnichannel solution provider. With audio, different conditions can dictate which specific pre-recorded audio file is to be served, and where.”

Campaign success. A campaign for an automotive tires and accessories retailer, managed by agency Tombras, used Flight Control to deliver 25 creative variations in English and Spanish across 330+ regionalized campaigns in over 35 North American DMAs. The campaign achieved a 93% listen-through rate (those among all impressions who listen through to the end of the ad) for over 8 million engaged listeners.

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